In a very dynamic African banking sector, which has been undergoing profound restructuring for years, FINACTU brings its know-how, experience of markets, regulations and stakeholders, and a real capacity to develop the right strategies and implement them in the field.



FINACTU Group is a very active player in Private Equity on the African continent. Our team deal with all the issues of the profession:

  • Target identification
  • Due diligence
  • Portfolio valuation
  • Target development strategy
  • Monitoring via boards of directors and dividend committees participation
  • Exit strategy
  • Fund Strategy and Sectoral Strategy
  • Institutional Investor Strategy



The insurance industry is at the core of Groupe FINACTU’s historical know-how. We intervene for both insurance companies (insurers, reinsurers, brokers, etc.), for sectoral representatives and for supervisory authorities.

To companies, both in insurance and reinsurance, we provide complete advisory services, whether actuarial certifications of technical provisions or mortality tables, pricing or product assembly, strategic advice, due diligence, training, review of underwriting policy, reinsurance plans, etc...

We have created a special expertise in the field of agriculture insurance, insurance against catastrophic hazards and bancassurance



FINACTU is a major player in African social protection and contributes every day, alongside all managing institutions or regulators, to strengthening, modernizing and extending the protection of the continent's populations against social risks.

With regard to retirement, we carry out almost all actuarial audits of existing plans, almost always working on a pay-as-you-go basis; we assist the funds with parametric reforms or the more radical transformations of the regimes (fusion, extension to new populations). But we have also developed expertise in the creation of funded pension plans, either within companies or at a national level. [Find out more] about our services to pension funds.

  • Our services to pension funds

      FINACTU assists the organizations managing pension plans:

      • actuarial and financial modeling of pension and providence plans, using our actuarial simulation software (ATLAS ©) and identification of reforms, parametric or institutional, necessary or possible
      • development of mortality tables at national or national level
      • drafting of texts (laws, decrees, etc.) for the effective implementation of a reform
      • support for governments in the pension reform process (negotiations with national stakeholders, awareness campaigns, information workshops, etc.)
      • training and capacity building of pension fund staff in the use of actuarial tools.

      The FINACTU Group is also specialized, at the request of its African clients, in the establishment of funded pension schemes, to strengthen the existing pay-as-you-go schemes:

      • feasibility study of capitalized, complementary or basic plans
      • actuarial study and pricing of these plans
      • audit, recommendations and supervision of the transition from a pay-as-you-go system to a funded system
      • Assistance with the implementation of these plans: IT, process, training, legal and technical documentation, etc.

      In terms of health insurance, FINACTU has had the privilege of accompanying all African countries that have put in place protection against the risk of disease (Tunisia, Morocco, Mauritania, Gabon, Mali, Togo ...). Our interventions have [Learn more] about our services to the health insurance funds.

  • Our services to health insurance funds

      FINACTU assists governments seeking to establish national health insurance schemes:

      • complete institutional set-up, legal and regulatory aspects (healthcare basket, agreements with providers, decrees for various applications, service provider target contract, list of medicines, …)
      • actuarial framework, financial package (contribution determination, financing study),
      • determination of the healthcare basket
      • agreements with care providers
      • medical nomenclature
      • perational implementation of the management body (Sickness Insurance Fund).

      FINACTU assists the organizations managing health insurance schemes:

      • choice of management tools: software, registration card and medical consumption monitoring, monitoring tools for health care providers
      • training and skill-building of staff in the use of actuarial tools
      • implementation of portfolio monitoring and management control policies



Since its creation in 1999, FINACTU has been providing ongoing support to the continent's governments which are facing significant strategic and operational challenges. The sophistication of the needs of the populations (health, infrastructure ...), and the gap with the managerial capacities of the administrations create, everywhere in Africa, serious problems of governance, inefficient management or imbalances (budgetary ...).

FINACTU supports audits of public enterprises or institutions and public services or sectors, as well as the preparation of texts (legislative or regulatory) or support for the regulation of public services.

The regulation of economic activities (banking, insurance, post, telephone, etc.) has long been more flexible in Africa than elsewhere in the world. But as these activities develop and become internationalized, states put in place the appropriate regulations. FINACTU advises governments to formalize these regulations to protect the general interest and the rights of consumers while ensuring initiative and economic prosperity.