FINACTU provides its clients with its expertise from strategy to implementation, and supports them in carrying out capital operations


The FINACTU Group brings its strategic advice to the heads of private companies, public institutions and governments, nourished by an intimate knowledge of Africa, its issues and its actors. In all the sectors in which we operate, our consultants confirm two key elements of the Group's "DNA", on which its success is built.

Tailor-made strategies for Africa

Our strategic advice is based on an intimate knowledge of Africa, its constraints and the degrees of freedom it allows, its dynamics and limits, the precautions it imposes and the opportunities it offers. Proud of a very strong field presence, a network of contacts at all levels and in all countries, we are the opposite of theoretical strategic advice; our goal is to offer our clients only winning strategies on a paradoxical continent, both difficult and rich in opportunities.

Strategies supported by numbers

Our strategic approach has always been based on harnessing existing quantitative data, in order to base our analyses and recommendations on demonstrable facts and not on intuition. Aware that quantitative material is rare in Africa, we have learned to research it efficiently and to optimize the exploitation that we make of it.



With a very strong African presence and vast knowledge of what it holds, our team has developed a special expertise in operational consulting. In almost 20 years of experience, we have demonstrated a culture of results and an ability to deliver on a continent where restraints and obstacles can be numerous. Our clients choose us for operational missions of implementation of a strategic axis, transformation or support for change, for the creation and the operation of new directions, but also sometimes for the creation of project in Greenfield or the complete management of a company undergoing restructuring.

The involvement of the FINACTU Group teams varies, from a permanent team over several years to more individual trips.



The FINACTU Group supports its clients in all Corporate Finance operations, leveraging its perfect knowledge of the legal and financial environments in Africa, its knowledge of the players and its mastery of the issues that drive the continent :

  • Merger & Acquisition or Divestiture transactions: The FINACTU Group's teams work from upstream to downstream. Our knowledge of the actors and uses of these operations on the continent is a solid guarantee of success and speed for our customers.

    • Setting up of the operations: determining the most appropriate approach, approach of the potential purchasers, management of the confidentiality, exploratory meetings organization, preparation of the data-room, consultations material organization, support documents production

    • Information memorandum: teaser, process letters, financial valuation and support in the financial negotiation

    • Setting up of the business plan: execution of the multi-criteria approach, pitch building, price negotiation, contradictory discussion, preliminary talks (letter of intention, termsheet, MoU)

    • Optimal set-up research: cession legal method choice: addressing problems arising from partial cessions, price complements, payments in listed/unlisted shares, seller’s loan, etc.

    • Final agreements negotiation (closely with the lawyers): agreement and convention guarantees

  • Fundraising: The FINACTU Group is positioned between an Africa with huge capital needs and international finance actors attracted by this dynamic and changing continent. Our field experience, country by country, allows us to identify, in the bubbling up of projects, those who can respect the constraints of local or international investors.

    • Assistance in the support documentation production: business plan ,executive summary, presentation to the executive management, project implementation

    • Placement: investment funds selection and, if appropriate, HNW individuals, approach and investment pitch, setting up of presentation meetings, business plan examination, company presentation, and its key-staff members and development plan

    • Valorization negotiations: appropriate evaluation work, discussion of the preliminary agreements, negotiation of the valorization fluctuation elements

    • Implementation of the data-room: collation of documents and informations, material organization of the consultations

    • Final agreements negotiation (closely with the lawyers): agreement and shareholders agreement