FINACTU Advising the major players on the African continent for almost 20 years


FINACTU provides its clients with its expertise and experience on the African continent for the realization of various projects, from strategy to implementation, and supports them in carrying out capital operations

Strategic Consulting

We bring to our clients, leaders of public and private institutions, our strategic advice nourished by a refined knowledge of Africa, its problems and its actors.

Operational Consulting

Our clients select us for very operational missions of implementing a strategic axis, transformation or support for a change, creation and operation of new directions, but also sometimes for the creation of project in greenfield or the complete management of a restructuring.

Corporate Finance

We assist our clients, whether they are sellers, buyers or investors, in the realization of capital operations by taking advantage of our perfect knowledge of the legal and financial environments in Africa, our good knowledge of local players and our control of the issues which animate the continent.


In nearly 20 years of activity, FINACTU has consolidated its expertise in 5 business areas, which constitute its core business



The insurance sector is at the core of FINACTU historical know-how. We intervene for the insurance players, the sectoral representatives and the supervisory authorities.



In a very dynamic African banking sector, which has been in deep restructuring for years, FINACTU brings its know-how, experience of markets, regulations and stakeholders, and a real capacity to develop the right strategies and implement them in the field.



FINACTU is a very active player in Private Equity on the African continent. Our teams work on all the problems of the profession.



FINACTU is a major player in African social protection and contributes every day, alongside all managing institutions or regulators, to strengthen, modernize and extend the protection of the continent's populations against social risks.



Since its creation, FINACTU has been providing constant support to the continent's governments, facing considerable strategic and operational challenges.


Our management team is made up of experts from each of FINACTU businesses


President and Founder
Former member of the French Administration and the investment bank PARIBAS, of which he managed a subsidiary, Denis CHEMILLIER-GENDREAU founded FINACTU almost twenty years ago, based on his vast knowledge of the inner-workings of administration as well as the issues of government, finance, insurance and social protection.
Géraldine MERMOUX

Géraldine MERMOUX

Associate Director General
Luc MORIO is a Partner at FINACTU since 2022. He is an expert in the African financial sector, advising financial institutions, companies and governments on corporate finance, strategic and operational advisory assignments. Luc began his career as an investment analyst with Emerging Capital Partners (ECP), a leading private equity fund manager in Africa.


After starting his career as an analyst with Emerging Capital Partners (ECP), the leading private equity fund manager in Africa, Luc Morio is an expert in the financial sector in Africa. Luc Morio is an expert in the financial sector in Africa, advising financial institutions, companies and governments on corporate finance, strategic advice and operational consulting.


FINACTU has led nearly 200 missions for both public and private institutions across Africa

(By alphabetical order)


More than 80% of our long-standing clients regularly call on us

M. Dossongui KONE President, Atlantic Group, Ivory Coast

FINACTU has been assisting us for more than 5 years in strategic, operational and financial consulting, providing us with a high level of responsiveness, unrivaled knowledge of the financial sector in Africa and a strong field presence on a daily basis. This long-term support enables us to accelerate the development of our activities to the highest international standards and thus to take advantage of the great opportunities offered by the continent.

Mme Sacko Oumou Marie DICKO Director, Malian Social Security Fund, Mali

FINACTU has been able to bring us, first and foremost, a perfect technical mastery of retirement actuarial work, both for the modeling of our plan and for simulations and projections. But the comparative advantage of FINACTU, which seemed to us major, concerns pedagogy and the capacity for negotiation and conviction. A retirement process is a long series of discussions, negotiations, made complex by the technicality of the subject. FINACTU has made these issues accessible to all, and has been able to convince the social partners and pensioners of the legitimacy of the planned reforms, always taking into account the constraints of our country. Finally, FINACTU has also distinguished itself by its ability to exceed the terms of reference of its mission to bring more and more to the actors involved with reform.

M. Mohamed Barkat ABDILLAHI Minister, Ministry of Employment and National Solidarity, Djibouti

You have kindly assisted us in the context of pension fund reform. I would like to thank you for your collaboration of unfailing professionalism and real interest for our country. Throughout all these years, despite the sometimes difficult working conditions, you have not stopped working tirelessly, expressing, beyond the terms of reference of your missions, your attachment to our country and your friendship toward the men and women you have met during your various stays. Allow me to congratulate you on the tremendous work you have done on our side.

M. Ismaël BANGOURA President, Guinean Insurance and Reinsurance Union, Guinea

In May 2003, after several years of crisis and recurring losses that had undermined the solvency of the UGAR, we appealed to FINACTU to define and lead a recovery plan. By putting at our disposal a multidisciplinary team, after a complete audit, FINACTU defined a drastic restructuring plan and then assisted us in its implementation. After 2 years of hard work, our company managed to release a very positive first result in 2004, it cleaned up its balance sheet and recovered credit worthy of our status as the leading insurer in Guinea. This turnaround is all the more spectacular since no dismissals were made.

M. Igor ZORIC Insurance Supervision Agency, Serbia

Thanks to its excellent knowledge of insurance and its tireless technical support, FINACTU actively supported, in 2003 and 2004, the modernization of the legal and regulatory framework and the strengthening of the control of the insurance sector in Serbia. During its technical assistance, financed by the International Finance Corporation (IFC- World Bank Group) and with Italian cooperation, FINACTU contributed to the drafting of insurance laws and decrees submitted to the Serbian authorities. FINACTU has been perfectly able to respond to the various actuarial and technical issues of insurance and - together with the insurance inspectors of Serbia - has carried out a solvency analysis of the main insurance companies of the country. The training provided by FINACTU ensured the operational and sustainable reinforcement of the insurance supervisory authority in Serbia. The International Seminar on Insurance Supervision during the mission was a milestone in the insurance sector reform process.